Why we should be educating our young about the reality of a Nuclear attack

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJun 29, 2022


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With the situation in Ukraine and with Russia threatening all-out war. There is a big chance of escalating into a nuclear strike somewhere in Europe and the United States. I feel it’s best we educate our children about what really will happen in the event of a nuclear strike.

This may all seem to be make-believe but with President Putin in power, hell-bent the on the occupation of Ukraine and a showdown with the west ‘NATO’. Few people however talk about the destruction of a nuclear strike on a western city.

The problem lies with that mainly our children have very little understanding of such an event. When I was young I was made to watch a documentary-style film on the full horror of a nuclear war. Told what to do in the event of a real one and of course the end result.

My view on this is strong we all live in relative normal reality and with the cold war ending many years ago. But few people remember the fear it brought to a generation of lives.

Now, everyone, war is more conventional way (still very disturbing and frightening to watch) with technology taking center stage.

I understand the horrors of the current war in Ukraine or at least try to. Few of us will fathom what a single nuclear strike on somewhere like London with around 76,470 people instantly killed and a further 245,960 injured.

With enough nuclear arsenal to do this attack 10,000 times over surely, it’s time to educate our children.

You may describe this as going over the hill with hysteria but with such escalation in Ukraine and with Russia and NATO poised for confrontation we might be few of us and left to educate anybody.

Written by Adriano Harwood



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