Why people Procrastinate !

Adriano Harwood
2 min readSep 10, 2023


Photo by Pedro Forester Da Silva on Unsplash

While it always so much easier to promise ourselves what ever needs doing, we can to tomorrow.

Having that easy answer to everything with the same excuse every time… Its no wonder why putting things off is so much simpler than admitting you self that deep down inside that can procrastinate because their always another day.

So why do we do it?

Why, because its the easy way and you can tell your self that as many times as you like, Round up as many excuses as humanly possible and finally pass you fears until another day.

The only real way to stop procrastination is to honestly and truthfully admit that you are either fearful or inherently lazy. You can’t achieve any think or do the impossible if its always tomorrow.

Yes maybe the biggest problem is the lack of motivation and discipline. Failure to admit to ourselves the reason why we often results in diminished and over all well-being and of course more fear, stress for the next time.

The more the excuses the harder things become…

Negativity is easier than positivity, yes being negative is a simple path, the easier road than positivity. We can tell ourselves everyday that at the weekend we will or at sometime when we have more time.

Lying to ourselves is so much easier than lying to someone else and in the end nobody knows your secret, and with a little lie every time procrastinating become a even bigger obstacle to overcome.

My next article will hopefully be “How to over come and stop Procrastinating”



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