Why I support the Israeli cause

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJun 11, 2022


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Firstly and foremost I am not interested in Politics, so why do I support the Israeli cause. A country I have never been to or any Religious ties.

Is this maybe because the state of Israel is a country of survivors with a past most hopefully understand. However, you look at it they have seen the very worst of other people’s hate.

Like I say I don’t do politics and I not just talking about Israel and Palestine I have sympathy for both sides and of course a peaceful end to the years of hate.

I just wonder if any other country can show as much courage as the Israeli and the Jewish people. I know this may be a difficult article to write about without upsetting someone from a county other than Israel but without a state of Israel, there can be no homeland for the Jews.

It needs to be known that such a small population can show so much resilience. I may be getting into deep water with other people’s views which is why my view is that may be a place for a peaceful answer.

Many people can probably talk about Israel and the West Bank or the Gaza Strip and outargue me in every way. So with this, I shall add my permanent argument about Israel and the Jewish people that they have gone through too much not have a free country for themselves.

With so much war in the world today and in the past, it is somehow better to believe that it is simply one country’s problem that makes all the wars when in fact it’s the many. I may have gone away from my article about the courage of the state of Israel and its people.

Israel is not the only country of survivors who came through with difficult circumstances but we can at least learn from them.



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