Why discipling your teenage children will never work.

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJul 25, 2023


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To begin with disciplining your teenage children rarely goes to plan.

Trying to understand your teenage offspring and why they often do the exact opposite to everything you say.

Basically and to put into perspective teenager really don’t comprehend discipline and quite often you sometimes need to come down to their level.

The fact being to relate to your wayward teenage son or daughter in the long run is far more productive. I am no expert or qualified doctor, my views are simply years of being a wayward teenager.

To start with my own experience of being discipline never worked, why because it just upset me further even time spent in a behaviour school had little impact. Looking back I feel that maybe a bit of understanding was needed.

This is why the better the relationship, the better the outcome !

While going to the extreme really doesn’t work especially in the long run.

Thinking back my parents discipling me really didn’t work and to be honest my view is educating me was far better. Give a teenager some understanding and more than occasionally they will respect you more.

My teenage life was often fill with bad intentions, however I never had any problem with the authority in fact my adult life has been trouble free.

As well as gaining a Degree in creative writing and despite all attempts too put me off the path I have had a normal and perfectly normal life.

Thanks maybe my somewhat passive and understanding parents.



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