The most important reason why Artificial Intelligence won’t make you a proficient writer

Adriano Harwood
2 min readAug 2, 2023


Disclaimer here “I am not an expert on AI these are just my thoughts”

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To begin with writing is about creativity and the ability to express your ideas and feeling into words but with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) many writers are turning to AI to either look for phrases and ideas or just copying large pieces of material with little input.

The world of original writing is now to be doom and forgotten !

However you look at AI it is destroying mainstream writing, despite this few writer realise that using AI will not in the long run make you a writer.

To begin with you are not learning how to write, actually and most importantly you basically paraphrasing. Using AI means you are not gaining any experience on being proficient at writing.

The very use of this means of writing will eventually mean lack of creativity or imagination, nothing is conceived the majority of what you write won’t be yours.

Technically its plagiarism or cheating if you wont the truth !

Which means your are either using someone else work or letting AI generate it for you. You not writing, this generally defined as a failure of understanding what you have written.

Agreed this doesn’t mean its going to do all work for you, however where the idea of expression, the experience and the passion.

What impact does a computer generate really have. Yes AI is going to have big impact on work such story for the big screen, some stories will maybe captivate a generations of sci fi fans (yes I no this will happen) or big screen outings.

Going back to writing for medium and such you may be able to make a good living at writing with the use of AI, but the power to sustain and ability to write good stories will be lost.

Again paraphrasing will do nothing about increase vocabulary or to captivate and engage readers. In any one view the very essence of good writing will be lost simply manufactured by AI.

Yes you can say my own writing you are currently reading is never going to win many fans, my somewhat lack of perfecting the art of writing, but my view to use AI for anything more than is needed is defeating the object of writing.

Yes the argument being that AI simply takes your style of writing and learns to enhance and improve it without much effort, however AI will mostly take away any originality and maybe make anyone a world renowned writer or journalist with very little input.



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