The important skill of mindset

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJun 20, 2022
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Developing a good mindset is an important skill to learn. Where ever you go whatever you do making sure you have a mindset switch into the right gear is essential. Nobody was with mindset it all develops through hard work

Mindset is achieved with the repetition of doing something a thousand in your mind until you did it a thousand times in life.

Whether it you joining the Navy Seals or fighting in the ring. Anyone who has a good mindset will tell you they had no choice but to do what scared them most until they were scared no more.

Overriding your mind takes practice. There is no secret to mindset

Nobody who became a Navy Seal did because they were somehow born with the mindset that they accomplish by conditioning themselves with small steps, to begin with, and then steadily until they felt no fear at all.

No matter what you dream of in life you can accomplish every one of them by doing things over and over. This is what mindset is, learning not to give up or walk away.

My crusade in life I achieve in my life though doing what worried me most, telling myself constantly to continue until I stood above the situation.

Learn one thing in life, if you quit one day you quit every day. Make your choice and stand by that choice.

No matter what you want in life no matter how hard that dream is, do or do not but go down fighting.

Perseverance will get you there in the end and your mindset will make you stay there.

Once you have accomplished everything you have hoped and wished for in life.

Try mindfulness

Try repeating to yourself until you can’t lose

Just declare every day a new day and tomorrow will be a breeze.

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