Prince Harry’s “The Downfall of a Prince or the Downfall of the British Press”

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJun 8, 2023


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

With Prince Harry’s battle with the British Tabloid (including and mostly the Daily Mirror) making extreme headlines throughout the media world the question of press intrusion has again raised the question of just how far the press (better known as the paparazzi) are willing to go.

However, you look at the media presence you may sometimes get the impression that somehow its acceptable to hound the likes of prince Harry. Not only content with the invasive tactics and lack of respect of the late princess Diana. The paparazzi now seek to destroy or at least relentless hounding of the Duke of Sussex and wife Meghan Markle.

I call this the downfall of a prince not because prince Harry attitude or lack of understanding on how to behave, just his lack of idea of how to avoid bad press.

It is a fact that he and his family should have the right to a certain amount of privacy and dignity while not being treated in a disrespectful and degrading way.

I don’t use the word journalist to describe the paparazzi, they are anything but. Their torment of Amy Winehouse and others can only be described as relentless. Prince Harry himself may be immature or naive or asking for what’s written about him this does not retract that paparazzi have the right to print whatever or use any mean to be intrusive in someone life.

My own ethics would hopefully have a better standard and my desire to become a journalist and to write news story’s but with a level of professionalism of writing a worthwhile and credible news stories.

Prince Harry may be delusional in his decision but the fall of a prince in anyone eyes due to jealous individuals. Piers Morgan or the Tabloids in anyone view a reason for the world of journalism to show a line of decency in what consider news about prince Harry and what is unethical press intrusion.

Good journalism is always grounded in the principle of accuracy, impartiality and independence while bringing the news that is worthwhile.



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