How to define Success

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJun 4, 2022

With the aim of success in life-defining what it means about being successful

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How to rate someone as successful does it come down to having that dream job or making everyone around you jealous of everything you have. Does success become meaningless when all you have is that dream job but few friends?

To me, success is achieving your childhood dream of being successful at everything you do, however, to me success can also mean buying that all-important sports car I have always wished for.

People would probably say I am shallow in wanting to be rich, especially for the sake of it. So is having loads of friends or having material goods go hand in hand. All I can say is that both money and success take the sting out of being poor or unsuccessful.

To everybody’s success, wealth, and that dream life all have that place in the world as long as you understand that being successful also means being happy, safe, and fulfilled. Money and your job status only make you happy if you are happy, to begin with.

The word success is defined to mean ‘the accomplishment of aim or purpose’ but success can also be defined as achieving what you desire. This may include a brand new Ferrari, your ideal home in the Hollywood hills.

This is simply a manifestation of the right attitude you don’t need to be ashamed of wanting material gains in life. Success comes in many forms. So ultimately it can only come down to what success means to you and to your friends or to the world at large.

To me, the word success simply means achieving my dreams in life whether this is about being wealthy and not feeling guilty.



Adriano Harwood

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