How I am going to make 800 dollars a month on Medium in six months or less

Adriano Harwood
2 min readJun 18, 2022
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Most people who write on Medium never write well. Like me, they struggle to achieve anything substantial with the reality being like me they suck at writing.

My only positive outcome is I got nothing to lose.

At the moment I have publish nine article with very little traffic. My writing background has offer little comfort.

However my plan at the moment is to write at least three article a week.

Secondly to push my follows up from fifty to over the magic one hundred (You need a hundred to join The Medium partner program)

My end goal is to make at least 800 dollars a month (A hefty challenge indeed). I plan to complete this plan with perseverance and lots of it. With nothing lose I don’t mind if it takes six months or longer.

I know I may be rambling on about nothing, however I thought I would put it down on paper so can have something to motivate me. Like I say most people suck at writing but writers are never born writers they simply spend a long time practising the skills.

I have totally decided to avoid a writers niche as I feel a topic or type of content may distract me from my end goal.

With the freedom of Medium to publish just about any subject with little effort I am sure I will realise my dream of making a living form writing.

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