Free Palestine

Adriano Harwood
2 min readApr 20, 2023


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With the somewhat unstable situation in the middle east, mainly the west bank and the Gaza strip. The continuing argument of the so called promise land of Israel and Palestine, this long on going feud over the occupation of illegal territory.

The situation has been going on for more than 70 years, however recently military action mainly by the Israeli has erupted the stability of the middle east (once again).

The fact that Israel has decided to take this kind of military action with little care for the civilians involved nor its implication to the argument of a two state solution. While much of the world condemned the Israel-Palestinian conflict the war continues with many consequence often in the name of religion and who and which land is mine.

The real victims are of course the civIliad’s, who are innocents people who bear the most of this conflict. There are many solutions for peace in the middle east, many that are ignored mainly due to it just to easy not to constantly fight with each other.

The war and that what it is has long been against the united nations mandate but the world seems uninterested, but a free Palestine state is needed for politically and for much needed stability in the middle east.

The conflict had been made worst by ex-president Donald Trump and the weakness of the Joe Biden administration.

The question of terrorism by the Palestinian group Hamas fuelling the fire but without Hamas the Palestinian cause may have gone quiet and even gone unnoticed. The world needs a free Palestine as much as the world need a Jewish state (Israel )

Peace in the middle east would globally be beneficial to the rest of the middle east, however with Israel military might and my country the UK (among others) often refuse to help with the growing problem. The United States had famously backed Israel with technology and high tech weaponry which has in many people views being used indiscriminately and any target within the west bank and gaza strip, whether considered a civilian or legitimate military target.

The Holocaust may been one of the worlds darkest moments in history, however you can’t blame Palestinian for a another country beliefs and idea of persecution as most Palestinian were not even born when the Holocaust happen.

Therefore two wrongs don’t make a right. A free Palestine and a two state solution is not just an necessity but the only way for peace in the middle east and all its glory



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